Snowdrops and Cyclamen

It;s been a harsh but not lonely winter here in Buckinghamshire.  A good year for snowdrops, Sweet box and a weird lone cyclamen that has been flowering since before Christmas.

Ours is a town seemingly full of Gardeners, with a hugely active ‘Britain in Bloom’ group and amateur gardens that open under the National Garden scheme, allotments and ordinary urban gardens like my own. Bucks (the short form is what is mainly used) also has many therapeutic gardening groups from larger enterprises such as  Lindengate and Mares down to allotments run by the local Mental Health service.

My garden is on top of a hill, I have a tiny front garden and a back garden that is about 50 feet square. My Mum’s garden is in the old town, down in the valley. She is a very active gardener, but would hate me to tell you her age – but lets just say I hope to have a

Sweet Box Sarcococca Confusa 

tenth of her energy when I catch up with her!

I am a lady of a certain age who has gardened for about thirty years,  not in any way a great gardener, but I can follow advice from Gardener’s World as well as anyone and would love to share  photos and experience